Output number ISDN PRI


I configured a PBX with Asterisk Wildcard TE121 and PRI ISDN.

i have N numbers and unfortunately I have the problem that when I try to go out through ISDN with an internal sip, from outside you’ll see a single number for all internal sip.

I set up my internal sip so.

For example:

sip 800
callerid in output options 06xxxxx800 - 06 is national prefix

I also tried without 0, 6xxxxx800 but without success, I always see as a number in output 06xxxxxx790.

It’s pissing me off!!

Is there anything I should do this as well as setting in the configuration sip?

I hope in you.


Perhaps your ISDN provider is not letting you set outbound CallerID.

I would say that was probable, and almost certain if you are trying to present a number outside the DID block allocated to you.

They may also require specific type of number values.