Caller ID outbound not working

I have an install of approximately 20 users, each with their own DID numbers. when calling from desk to desk, caller ID works fine. Caller ID from outside to in also seems to work fine. However, when calling out, the caller ID shows up as a single, generic number. I have not been able to track down the issue. Any help is appreciated.

What does your PSTN connectivity provider say? Using just the pilot number is common practice. If they will allow an override, it will normally only be for numbers that they have given you.

You may also need to enable remote party ID sending, especially if From: has to be set to allow you to authenticate.


You dont say where you are but with etsi it often works as follows

exten number 1234
PTO sends you 121234

to get outgoing CLI in this case you need to set the cli as 121234

or if the extesnions are 2234
and the PTO sends you 121234

then you need to set it as before.

sending out CLI that doesnt match the incoming will normally result in the default being sent