Can't create new calfile in outgoing folder

Hello, Does anyone know why i could not create call file from php script (or bash script) in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing folder?
I could create file in /var/spool/tmp/ folder , but could not move it to outgoing folder.
our call file that s created have asterisk ownership and 777 rights.
Thank with regards. Mespio

file doesn’t appear in outgoing directory or appears, but asterisk does nothing with it?

In my php script to interact with asterisk i have to give this command : cmod u+s /usr/sbin/asterisk
But it’s not good to create callfile directly in spool dir…it’s better cretate in tmp folder and then move in spool…

dear elphssp: The asterisk does nothing anythings.
dear simone686, We could not mv files to outgoing directory in php too. else we could use this way.