Order Status


I am looking for a application for asterisk to lookup order status from a remote site.

Maby it is posable to load a xml file from a remote website or load the content of a webpage.

What the program must do:

Customer calls enter his order id. Asterisk sends the order id to a webserver that’s give a response The response is used in the dialplan.

I think on GoToIf en then read a variable.

Does anybody have a solution for this problem. Maby there is a xml app for asterisk or a agi application

if the data is already in a DB, it should be pretty easy to do this with an AGI

Yes the data is in a access database for now. Maby in the futere it is in MySQL but till now it’s in access. And there is a nother problem.

The 2 server are not at the same subnet. There for i think the best way is to do it whit a HTTP Request but maby sambody can tell me how?


have you looked at the CURL function ? you could read in the order number, use CURL to POST the data, get the response back and send it to festival, or use some processing to playback sound files as you wish.

this is just the thing i am looking for. Thank you very muts.