Only accept call after PSTN is issued

What I am trying to do is the make it so when somewone calls my DID that asterisk calls my desk sip phone and also calls my cell phone, the only problem is that say if my cell phone is turned off then voice mail would pick up right away and I do not want my cell phone to be picking up my voice mail, I want asterisk to be picking up the voicemail. So I want to set up asterisk so that the calls goes through and is only connected if say a 9 is pressed.

I am guessing that I would have to use the Read() commnad, since that is the only command that recives DTMF commands.

But I am still having trouble figuring out how the dilplan would go, any help woudl be greatly appericated.

See example #1

You probably really want Background() .

I used to work for a company that made a system that does exactly what you’re trying to do.

We ultimately solved the problem by simply telling the cell phone company to turn off voicemail on all of our cell phones. We let the one-number system get all the voicemail messages.

I think I will try to implement example #1, I really dont want to have to turn off my cell phone voice mail since that is my main number for family and friends and I plan on using the VoIP DID for business purposes.