System Asterisk could not receive DTMF

Hi all,
I have a auto IVR . But a few week I had problem with DTMF when system have many call one time. System could not receive DTMF in some call.
EX: We test 20 call to IVR one time but some call could not receive DTMF so IVR not working correct
Please help me about that problem. I losed 2 week for that problem :frowning:

How was the DTMF being signalled to you? Which channel technology were you using? If VoIP, which codecs were you using?

What did you do in the two weeks to try and isolate the problem?

These questions are mainly there to allow us to know which questions we really need to ask.

Hi David, thanks about your reply.

  • I write a agi (callagi.php). I try using 2 command (background and get data) to play sound and catch DTMF from call when they press any key.
  • Channel Technology: SIP trunk
  • Codecs: G711
    Iā€™m using call file to run auto call to many phone number one time (about 40 call one time). But some time my client press key so asterisk could not catch DTMF (about 10-20% call) .
  • I try split to many context dialplan from AUTO_CALL -> AUTO_CALL_5 to offload to the system (Previously there was only one context AUTO_CALL )

ex: I have 40 call file to call one itme
call file 1->8. I using context AUTO_CALL
9->16. I using context AUTO_CALL_2
ā€¦ 32->40ā€¦ I using context AUTO_CALL_5
But asterisk still not receive DTMF some call :(. I try with many different devices (Iphone, Samsung,xiaomi) ā€¦

Here is content call file
Channel: local/0987654321@from-internal
Maxretries: 0
RetryTime: 30
Context: AUTO_CALL
Extension: 0987654321
Callerid: AUTO CALL <0123456789>

Here is content context AUTO_CALL
exten => _XX.,1,Progress()
exten => _XX.,n,AGI(callagi.php,${action},${call_id},${schedule_id},${phone},${EXTEN},${data_1},${data_2},${data_3},${data_4},${data_5})
exten => h,1,AGI(callagi.php,hangup,${call_id},${schedule_id},${phone},${EXTEN},${data_1},${data_2},${data_3},${data_4},${data_5},${STATUS_CALL},${KEY_PRESS})

Please help me :frowning:
Thanks about for any your help

The first question was about dtmfmode.