One extensions 3 device, ring on same time, possible?

Dear All Asterisk Pro,

I been asked from my customer to have the feature as follow, he have a smart phone (android), a tablets and a VoIP phone in office, then he have an extensions number which he like to keep just one number to be login from all 3 devices, I manage to get three devices login the same extensions can call out on the same time, but… when come to incoming call to the extensions, it’ll only ring on the last register device… Any how we can make this idea work?

You cannot log into an extension with Asterisk; you log into a device entry, which corresponds to an address of record.

Although I think the latest version has the ability to accept multiple registrations for the same address of record, the traditional way of doing this is to use & in dial strings.

Note that it is bad security practice for device names to be the same as extension numbers; they should be more complex and less predictable.

In that case I think I have to make it 3 extensions like 101@office, 101@phone, 101@tablet for now then. Latest Asterisk you mean Asterisk 11? Scare to make it to Asterisk 11 from Asterisk 1.8 ^^