On the right track?

Sorry, I’m new (absolutely new) to Asterik. I don’t know what it does then.
And I don’t have time to read all the documents to find out my answer.
The quetion is very simple.
Am I on the right track or not?
What track? :laughing:
Let me explain more. I have a website that has a registeration form withe 6-7 fields for anybody interested in registreing in the site. I need to provide the customers with another equivalet way to register in my website. Another registration method, not requiering access to the INternet. Then, I thought that would be a great idea to make it possible for the costumers to register themselves by making a phone call.
Yeah, that much simple.
They dial the number, for example: 1111111111. THe answering machine that is actually a computer software running on a simple PC, connected to the phon line via a modem, tekes control and says hello to the customer and asks them: “if you want to complete the registaration form, press one. If you want to … press…”.
After pressing “one”. The machin ask them about each of the field. Like this: THe machineh: “what’s your name?”. THe customer: “Jack SMith”. …
The machine asks all the question one by one and records all the answers so that I can come and listen to them and complete the form for the lazy costumer who was too lazy to get online and fill in the gap by himself :smiley:

Here’s the question:
IS asterisk the right software to be used here as the computer software answering machine?

Thank you very much

Yes. Now go read the information available online. :wink:

Also, I suggest you start with asteriskathome.sourceforge.net .

Thank you.
Your answer was short, quick and usefull :smiley: You made my day.