On call agent also getting calls in Asterisk 11


We are using asterisk 11. While using the queue, the On call agent also get incoming calls. My queue configurations are below :

strategy = rrmemory
servicelevel = 0
timeout = 20
retry = 1
maxlen = 0
announce-holdtime = no
announce-position = no
ringinuse = no
joinempty = yes
leavewhenempty = no

Can you please anyone help this issue??..

Thank You…

Expected behaviour.

Please provide more details what the technology of the member is (e.g. Local, SIP, or Agent) and, if an agent, how they are logging in.

However, being a member of a queue will not make you appear busy if there are no calls for you in the queue. You would need to use an AgentLogin type agent to get close to that.

We are using Agent method.

Agents are logged in via Loway Queuemetrics and the queues are mapped in asterisk server.


Callback or Login?

In any case, you will need to set call limits, even with AgentLogin type agents, or use group counts (the current preferred method for this).

I’m not convinced anyone here will be familiar with Loway’s product. Resolving this may impact on their dialplan.

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick response.

Its in Login type… Not setting any call limits, group counts…

We are just created agent in Loway and that agents mapped to queues in Loway, and that Queues are mapped to asterisk server with above configuration (queues.conf)