Queues: member (Invalid) has taken no calls yet

hi all,

i am trying to configure a queue in asterisk

agents.conf is:

agent => 326,326,326
agent => 327,327,327
agent => 353,353,353

queues.conf is:
maxlen = 0
announce-frequency = 0
member => Agent/326
member => Agent/327
member => Agent/353

extensions.conf is:
exten => 326,1,Dial(SIP/326)
exten => 327,1,Dial(SIP/327)
exten => 310,1,Dial(SIP/310)
exten => 353,1,Dial(SIP/353)

exten => 888,1,AgentCallbackLogin(${CALLERID(num)}|${CALLERID(num)}|${CALLERID(num)}@internal)

but this doesn’t work!
queue show command displays this:

Members: I>
Agent/327 (Invalid) has taken no calls yet
Agent/326 (Invalid) has taken no calls yet
Agent/353 (Invalid) has taken no calls yet
No Callers>

and i cannot log in as an agent using extension 888.
what’s wrong?

thanks in advance!

p.s. few more questions:

can i create queues dynamically through AMI?

can i put outgoing calls into queue? for example, by assigning some extension as queue entry point and then using Originate command with that extension?

can i obtain a call processing result from queue (i.e. succesful connect, busy, no answer, drop because of timeout etc.) ?

thanks in advance once more. :smile: