OMniLeads 1.31, the Open Source Contact Center Solution is available!

Hi Community!

OMniLeads is a full Open Source Contact Center solution. Under its GPL licenced version and 100% web, it allows to implement and manage a full Contact Center suite, inbound and outbound campaigns, preview and dialer, with access to advanced metrics, reports and KPIs, real-time supervision of agents and advanced QA functionalities of contacts and campaigns.

The last stable version is prepared to run on containers model, and supports plenty of cloud providers in the market, as well as on-premise scenarios. It can be trunked to any SIP/Asterisk-based PBX.

You can find more information in the links below, you are just at 1 click :slight_smile: .

Discord: OMniLeads Community :rocket::rocket:

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Particularly enjoying the Ansible inventory for cluster HA solution:

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