Proposal request on open soure call center solution

I copied duplicated thread from ‘Asterisk support’ board here since it looks ‘Asterisk Support’ board is not very active.

I’m new to asterisk, is looking for any middle-scale call center solution ( 200+ agent support simultaneously), of which the sub-systems, such as Agent Workbench or Toolbar, CTI, ACD, CRM, etc, are better to be all open sourced and based on asterisk pbx.

Asterisk is so powerful and flexible to compete any commercial PBX products from proprietary vendors. I believe a systematical end2end call center solution which leverages Asterisk’s power and popularity will gain more interest from open community and benefit Asterisk’s market expanding as well.

So is there any better practice of call center solution ( i believe there should be )? Or if no, any suggestion on how to combine available open source sub-systems to implement?



hi friend,
same here, i am also having a client where i have 2 setup asterisk. lets help each other.plz drop a mail at waiting for ur reply.

Proposals are very good for Jobs forum. You do not look for concrete problem, but for whole solution.