Old analog mechanical ringer not ringing properly in Trixbox

Hi Everyone,

I have successfully installed Trixbox and I am having trouble trying to make the mentioned phone ring. The REN is 0.5 on the phone. However the phone rings either intermittently or you just hear a ticking. Either way it works directly off of the incoming line, but it does not work properly from the PBX. I am looking to boost the ring voltage or change the frequency through the zconfig.h file but can’t seem to find that particular module.

Can anyone help me find what I am looking for or how to boost the ring voltage in Trixbox. I am using the TDM22B card from Digium. Thank You.

I’ve never attempted to hook up an old ringer like that, but I’m guessing your card may not be able to accommodate the load. Figure out what it draws and verify your card can bear it.

I’ve never installed/used a TDM22B, but if it runs off of then PCI bus exclusively, without an auxillary power plug, I’d venture to guess you have zero chance of it powering your old ringer.

The card is the same as the TDM400P, 2FXO and 2FXS ports, therefore it has the auxiliary power connector to power the FXS ports. The ringer works but barely. I believe the voltage needs to jump higher than the 70VAC that is provided. In Asterisk the is a “BOOST_Ringer” option using the zconfig.h file. I cannot find this file and I do not know if it exists in the current version of Trixbox. The voltage will be moved to about 90VAC to accommodate older ringer. I know there exist a way to do. I just don’t know how.

Someone here must have come across such a problem before, using the old 5200 type handsets (Cortelco).

Open “wctdm.c” in the zaptel source. Find “static int boostringer = 0;” and set it to 1. Recompile zaptel and reload the drivers. Problem fixed. :smile:


is this still a module loadtime option too (saves recompiling), e.g.

options wctdm boostringer=1 in modprobe.conf


is this still a module loadtime option too (saves recompiling), e.g.

Yes you should be able to use the option at load time. However there are some kernel versions that don’t accept options being passed at load time I think. I usually just hardcode everything.

Thanks guys, I will try this out and get back to you.