Office Virtual PBX using a mobile phone


I’m new to Asterisk. I want to create a virtual telephone exchange for my office.

The telephone exchange must cover the following functions:

  • To be able to set a welcome message, with a preset menu
    1. commercial department; 0 - secretariat
  • to be able to hold a queue for more than 2 calls

I have worked with Asterix in the past using a VOIP phone number provided by a local company with a server using E1 port. Now I would like to use a standard mobile phone number from a local provider, with a cellular.
It is possible? If yes… how?

All the best!

Some countries impose restrictions on the use of mobile phone services in static locations, but assuming that yours doesn’t, you can either use the, third party, chan_dongle driver, with a USB mobile network terminal, or you can use a SIP to mobile network gateway.

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