Phone System in Office

Hi I needed to set up a phone system here in the office. I have 3 vonage lines coming in. I have an astericks server set up ready to be used as a virtual PBX switch. What I need to know now is how do I connect the lines into the punch down block and distribute them throughout the office? I have Premier Phones (Premier Model 12BTN Charcoal) and I want to set it up so I can use any of the three lines with each phone. How should I go about wiring and what kind of equipment do I need for my Asterisk server? I can post pictures of the phones if they are needed.


I think you have missed the point.
Firstlr Asterisk is not a virtual PBX its a IPPBX.
Then the phones you mention are they old inter-tel ones? if so I doubt they will work .
The concept behind an IPPBX is that the sets and trunks are IP based and as such reside on your data network. Have a look at and