Off Hook Detection

I have some old Aastra phones that have this autodial feature which is really handy in an unattended lobby application. Someone picks up the phone, and it automatically dials a preset number. Well, I have a potential client that could use something like that, and I’d love to be able to put a Digium phone in there, rather than an Aastra. The API has no trouble dialing a number, but I don’t see an event that would let me know that the phone had gone off hook. Is there a direct or indirect way to determine that? It looks like I might be able to set an idle screen app, and then watch for a event, but that could get triggered, I think, by events other than the phone going off hook (like a Switchvox config update).


Perhaps you could combine that with - wait a bit to see if that event was observed and if not, assume that it wasn’t a config updating coming down.

Would receiving a call, a page, or going into the menus also generate the event?

The first two, yes, but you’d also have an active call, so that’s another event to watch for. The third, probably, but I don’t know off-hand.

“ringdown”, i think that’s what it’s called, is a feature I’ve been asking for - since before the Digium phones came out. You could do it with custom polycom configs but not the feature packs.

hint hint, wink wink.

digium, ringdown as a default menu item on the phones - would BE AMAAZING!!!

hrm…I didn’t have your name on that one (we’ve had it on the books for a while). I’ve added both of you to the request.

PLAR - private line automatic ringdown. :smiley:


Where’s that “Like” button?? :smiley:

It’s still just a feature request. Don’t go getting all gushy on me until it’s real. Rapidly changing priorities 'n stuff. :wink: