I have an IP-PBX system form Planet IPX-2500 which OS is based on asterisk. The system is up and running and all the extensions are working fine. My problem is that setting up VOIP Trunk. If i enter the details in VOIP trunk setting i cannot register it on sip server of my provider. My provider has setup a softphone called linephone for connection testing which works fine and i can make all the calls.
Here is the linephone setting done by my service provider and here is the voip trunk setting page of my PBX

and it shows the setting i entered but it doesn’t work.

any help…

Thank you.

This is the wrong place to ask about configuring with a GUI, as only the GUI developer knows how what appears in the GUI maps to what Asterisk sees. I don’t recognize the GUI, so it is either proprietary to the operator, or the obsolete AsteriskGUI.

Also “didn’t work” is not enough. You need to provide logs showing the failure.

You appear to have a proxy on the phone connection, but not in the Asterisk configuration.

Incidentally, whilst the GUI probably forces you to use insecure, most people do not need to make the port number insecure.

Thank you for the reply. I contacted to planet support but they didn’t respond.