Not sure is I understand it

I’ve been researching Asterisk for some time now but I must admit I am still a little confused as to the connectivity to either Voip or POTs. I am researching this for a small company starting up right now and I am trying to give them an alternative to paying $8000 for a telephone system. So basically I can somewhat understand the Pots system because your just using the available lines. You would have to have 8 lines to supply 8 concurrent phone calls in or out. Now in regards to VOIP do you require 8 seperate VOIP connections to have 8 concurrent connections through VOIP? I’ve read though the O’reilly’s book but I’m still not sure. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

i don’t think for 8 concurrent calls there is need 8 voip connections. just require 1 voip service provide connection.

Pots quality is def. better than VOIP unless th VOIP is done correctly. If you are using VOIP you need to make sure that you have enough bandwidth. I personally use a mix of POTS and VOIP for clients box’s.
A few things to help you out. - Very informative site - Asterisk users list. You can answers to lots of your questions. - Info for links to set up asterisk.

No… you do not require 8 concurrent connections for VoIP. Well, at least not in the sense that you require 8 analog lines to make 8 concurrent calls over the PSTN. For instance, I use a VoIP provider called Teliax. With a single account, I can make and receive an unlimited amount of concurrent calls. (of course, I’m limited by my bandwidth)