Unsure of connectivity

Good day,
I’ve been trying to figure out the issue of connectivity to the Asterisk system and a voip provider. First of all I’m in canada and not in a large city to have a plethora of providers. I’m am having a hard time understanding the concept of available line for voip. Do you require more than one voip line for multiple calls to be made. What I mean is if two users want to call out and 3 people are calling in how many lines are required. I know I’m kind of talking like PSTN but that’s what I’m familliar with. I have voip at home but needless to say I can only make one call at a time. I know when someone is beeping through but I’m not sure exactly how it works. Basically I have to setup this system for 3 seperate business in a building and I need to know if this will work for them. I want to set it up so the a auto attendant or receptionist can answer the phone and provide the normal hit 1 for this business or hit 2 for this business. After reading the Asterisk forum and the O’reilly book on it, it still isn’t clear. So to summarize the questions

  • Can I have one PBX for 3 businesses.
  • Do I require more than one number / VOIP connections
  • What would I be looking for in a provider. (what questions do I ask)
  • Any good providers for southern Alberta?

Thanks in advance.

Answers of ur questions with try my best

1- yes u can can configure 3 pbx on 1 Asterisk server or system. i alredy do that

2-ya it is better if you use 3 diffrent borad number which u can buy from ur voip proivder or DID number proivder.As you require 3 diffrent number for simplysity & may 3 bussiness deal with diffrent requirements

3.once you reach provide just explain them you need & ur system configuration as you did it here.

4- in voip there is no location matter you can chosse any voip proivider.
infact we are also one of US based provoider
Also ur main question about cahnnels even you try to 10 call from asterisk on 1 voip provide line its ok as per my knowldege
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