Not getting call completion records in queuelog

Im running QueueMetrics with Asterisk. I recently upgraded from Asterisk 13.18.5 to 13.29.2 and since then some calls are not completing in the queuelog (COMPLETECALLER or COMPLETEAGENT records). Im using a ringall strategy.

So far I have not been able to find any bugs associated with this.
What could be causing this problem?


Ok I am getting the COMPLETECALLER or COMPLETEAGENT records in the queue_log file however the Unique ID is different to the rest of the queue call which is confusing QueueMetrics.
After looking through CDR records, the final Unique ID matches my initial IVR call.
The way I have my dial plan set up is that I use Local channels between subroutines for each function. All local channels are currently set up to optimise out which from memory causes a different Unique ID’s when this happens.
I suspect this problem may be resolved by not optimising out my Local channels. Time to test in the lab.

Ok not optimising out the Local channel fixes the problem.

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