Not Able to Get Incoming Calls on dahdi channel


I am Using a PRI on wildcard te133 with 31 extentions on server with vicidial.

problem is a am able to make outgoing calls but not able to receive incoming. it says “this no does not exist”

You’d have to consult whatever dialplan that Vicidial made for you.

The log message indicates that Extension ‘45996700’ isn’t present in the context “from-pstn” into which calls from the E1 are routed.

Vicidial handle inbound calls on a context called trunkinbound change the context in you dahdi configurantion file to context=trunkinbound

I think you were being asked to look at what was actually in that context. As a general rule, this forum cannot provide support on dialplans provided by third parties and Asterisk comes with no production dialplan.