Vicidial outbound calls problem


I’ve recently installed and configured VICIdial server and ran into a problem with outgoing calls.
Incoming calls seems to be working OK, but when I try to make a call it’s not working. In Putty I can see message saying:

Call from ‘5000’ (IP address) to extension ‘any number I try to call’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘default’. I’ve spent few days already pulling my hair out, but get nowhere in getting this resolved.
Any help would be highly appreciated. Just so you know I got several “FreePBX” phone servers and they all working OK. It’s my first adventure with VICIdial server, but they prove to be more difficult in configuring them to work correctly.

Thank you in advance.


Which part is the problem, the context or the extension?

Note that you are unlikely to get this answered in the context of Vicidial.

Hi David551,

Don’t really know where the problem is. Can be either…


Sounds like you don’t understand how Vicidial uses Asterisk, so need help from the their people.

100% right :slight_smile:
Thought this setting will be something generic for asterisk.

Asterisk is a toolkit, it’s generally a piece of something bigger - how that something uses it/expects it to be configured… is up to it. Contexts in particular only have meaning within the system itself.

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The context to which a device belongs and the extensions which exist in that context are both user configuration choices. You seem to be having Vicidial make those choices and don’t seem to know how you would expect it to choose.

The extension dialled by the device is purely up to the device configuration or how it is used.