Nortel Meridian 11C PBX Integration

I have 3 M1 switches interconnected via tie lines using ITG trunks (32 channels for each card - E1). What would be the best way to integrate Asterisk to this environment? Should I slap Asterisk into the ITG network? Which interface card should I add on to the server? Or should I add a few analog trunks to Asterisk from one of the switches? And which interface card would I use in this case?

I think the former would be the ideal method.

What do you guys think?

Was anyone able to integrate a nortel 11c pbx to an asterisk pbx (both are in the same room) via T1?

While I have not connected an asterisk server to a M1, I would advise if doing so, to use a T1/E! trunk card and not a line side T-1 card in the Meridian. The reason is the the Line side T-1 channels would not provide a disconnect signal to the asterisk server when the caller on the Meridian side disconnects firest. I have connected Meridian 1’s to NMS T-1 cards. and we alsways used trunk cards in the Meridians for the connection for just that reason.

You can also take a look at the several gateways that are available.

For example:

The TIMG gives you 1 or 2 spans while the PIMG can give you a bridge to an Asterisk server running 8 digital station ports if you don’t need a full T.