Nortel Matra INtegration

Hi Srs.

we have a Nortel Matra connected with a Asterisk with a TE410P Card. Scenario is the next: PSTN(ISDN)<—>(2 Port TE410P)Asterisk(2 Port TE410P)<—>Nortel Matra.

My problem is the next: If we make a natinal call all works fine, but when somebody make a international calll from a tlephone behind the Nortel Matra I see that Nortel sends to asterisk ‘00’ and Asterisk try to look for this extnesions ‘00’ in context. If we get 00 and hear for the rest of the internnational number, in the phone behind of Nortel Matra, I can’t see dialed number. I put overlapdial=yes in zapata.conf, but I don’t know how can I config zapata or extensions to wait for the completed international number.

Could anyone help me?



hi men, can you post how do you did it, im in the process of doing the exact same thing but im a little lost, i would really appreciate you help.