Noise problems whit grandstream gxp-2000 and digium TDM card

Good monrning:

We have a asterisk PBX whit a TDM2404E card, grandstream gxp-2000 ip phones connected, and linksys (SPA2002) ATA’s with analog phonnes connected.

The analog phones works great, but the grandstream phones works very bad, thay have a big noise and problems of cut voice. This same succes whit the softphone; someone know what happend or has had problems like this?

Tanks in advance.

Grandstream GXP-2000 phones are notoriously bad phones when used as speakerphones. Handset audio is ok, but speakerphones are not that good.

It is best to make sure that your phones have the latest firmware available. Check the Grandstream website.

Additionally, check your phone to make sure the phone has “silence suppression” set to “no”.

Asterisk does not work well with phones that try to do silence suppression.

Thak you very much.

I do that.

What IP phone with characteristic equal to grandstream gxp-2000, are recomended to work with asterisk???

I like Linksys SPA941 or Linksys SPA942.

They are similar to GXP-2000.

You should be able to use a GXP-2000. I just don’t like the speakerphone. It is not good. The handset is ok.