Alternatives to the Grandstream GXP-2000

I’m currently in the testing phase of rolling out a pair of Asterisk boxes. I’ve got a Grandstream GXP-2000 right now for testing and, while I’m 90% pleased with it, most of the users will be irritated as hell with the fact that the volume levels change on their own after every reboot or configuration change.

Does anyone know of a comparable phone in the $100-$150 range? I need a minimum of 2 accounts per phone and, while it would rarely be used, I would like to be able to make up to 4 calls at a time.


It’s close, (really close!) to a Grandstream 2000.

I’d be mostly happy with either.

Really? I’ve read that that phone isn’t stellar. Do you have one that you are using? How does it compare? Any glitches or bugs that irritate you?

I’ve not found any bugs or obvious flaws. Everything works just fine

The main complaint that I have is that everything works JUST fine.

The display works, but it’s a little hard to read.

The speakerphone works, but the sound isn’t the best I’ve found in a VOIP phone.

The message waiting light works, but it’s rather small and easy to overlook.

The handset cord works, but it stretches and doesn’t re-coil nicely like it’s supposed to.

The 841 is a very average phone.

Grab one (the cost is the same as a Grandstream) and try it yourself.

On the other hand, the Grandstream people seem to be supporting the GXP2000 fairly well. There’s been a steady stream of fixes coming out for all the problems that have come up. You might just grab all you can, and upgrade as time goes on. (All you would need is a TFTP server that all of the phones can reach.)

Thanks for your input. That’s basically what I’ve been reading about the 841, that it’s JUST fine.

As for the GXP-2000, other than the volume issue, I think it’s fine. I already upgraded the firmware once and it fixed a whole host of issues that I had with the phone so I think that that is what I’ll do. Do you know how often do they update the firmware?

I’ve only had mine for a few months, so I’m not that familiar with the upgrade schedule.

It was shipped with, I upgraded immediately to, and they just release as a beta.

If you don’t have, it’s available here:

This still has handset volume issues (doesn’t go louder than mid-volume) until you do an audio test. Then it seems to work more or less normally until a reboot occurs. (I think this is the trouble you’re refering to.)

The ringer volume is a bit screwy too. It can only be adjusted through the menu. Though you might expect the controls to work when the phone gets an incoming call, they don’t.

Mine came with and I upgraded to 1 day later.

The audio test is not the only way to fix the volume issue. All you need to do is press the “Speaker” button once and then pick up the handset to transfer the dial-tone from the speakerphone to the handset. That will make the phone considerably louder.

Well, is still in beta…

By the time it’s a full release, they might have all the nastiness taken care of.