No such Pri command

hi all,
can someone tell me why i update asterisk from 1.6 to 1.8, the pri command is not found in asterisk command line. I use Sangoma card A401 with lastest libpri, dahdi and wanpipe 3.5.20 version.
what is that error?
thank for any reply :smiley:

What are the diagnostics.

To have an idea why it is missing, we really need to see the output from the build process, and possibly also the output from the start-up of Asterisk.

Sorry about that, my server is running so i can not give the detail outputing because i can not try again :smiley: . However, everything is alright when i recompile asterisk from 1.8 to 1.6 version.
Because i want to get exactly billsec with milisecond, so i have to update to asterisk 1.8 to get application: CDR(billsec,f). can you give me some ideals to get exactly billsec value.
thank so much :smile: