Version asterisk 11.18.0

Hi All,

I use Asterisk-11.18.0 dahdi.linux-complete 2.10.2 libpri 1.4.14
i use sangom cards anybody know if version libpri have same bug ??

Tank you !!

What bug are you referring to?

Hi ,

I referring in libpri becouse i try use libpri 1.4.15 with digital A500 sangoma cards ,i have 2 telcos connected to the pci i try use 2º telco incomming and outgoing calls but doen´t work the enginneers try downgrad the version
libpri -.1.4.14 but the problem still the same :frowning:
when i stop and star services asterisk and wanpipe appears in console .

these error :
ERROR[9427]: chan_dahdi.c:14966 dahdi_pri_error: PRI Span: 2 Unable to receive TEI from network in state 2(Assign awaiting TEI)!
if i use the command in console asterisk pri show spans appears these
.PRI span 2/0: Down, Active.
But out side asterisk when i make command
wanrouter status appears all time connected.
I call to technical support make test to the line an they said line it is ok .

I got to the point that it no longer know what to do.

if the problem cames libpri our sangom card !

Tank you !