Could not see sip cli commands after installing asterisk1.8

Hi all

I am currently using CentOs 5.4
I was working with asterisk now I wanted to install asterisk 1.8 LTS so my configuration was

  1. libpri-
  2. dahdi-linux-complete-
  3. asterisk

now I as I wanted to install asterisk 1.8 I downloaded asterisk 1.8 LTS (asterisk-1.8-current.tar.gz) from … k-versions

I stopped asterisk service and Then to I deleted all the asterisk folders of from my CentOs machine all folders of asterisk deleted were on path as below


Then I installed asterisk (asterisk 1.8 LTS i.e. asterisk-1.8-current.tar.gz)
during Installation I did not get any errors or warnings

now my configuration is

  1. libpri-
  2. dahdi-linux-complete-
  3. asterisk

but I am not able to see any sip commands in cli and I am also not able to update configuration files using asterisk-java

following sip commands should be there which I am not getting in cli help and not able to use those commands when I type it in cli I get “no such command” response
sip debug
sip set debug on (valid on
sip no debug
sip set debug off (valid on
sip reload
sip show channels
sip show channel
sip show inuse
sip show peers
sip show registry
sip show subscriptions
sip show users

Please tell me what did I do wrong and do I need to upgrade libpri and dahdi-linux also please guide me

Thanks & Regards

If this is a source installation, it normally means that you are missing an encryption library. make menuconfig should tell you which dependency failed for chan_sip.

You need the development package for the library, as well as the run time one.

at the time of make menuselect I get XXX infront of chan_sip in channel driver option

what did I do wrong please guide me.

Thanks & Regards

You were missing a dependency. If you look closely, make menuconfig will tell you what that was. See my previous reply for the nature of the one that most people find to be missing. Look back through the forum for more details, as though this may not be a formal FAQ, it is frequently asked.

Thanks a Lot

sudo yum install openssl-devel

then make clean before you run ./configure and make again