No queue log event after sip transfer

I put a call on queue and agent “A” answered the call . i got a CONNECT event in queue.log file.Then the “A” agent did a Blind transfer ( SIP transfer ) to agent “B” .Then i got TRANSFER event in queue.log file.Then “B” agent hangup the call .there is no further event for this call.

Is there any other log to capture the entire event .


I believe that is correct. The transfer takes the call out of the queue system.

Incidentally, when talking about transfers you need to be very precise.

Is this really an agent, or just a device as a queue member?

What device technology?

Are there any local channels involved?

If it is a SIP device, is this a features.conf transfer or a SIP transfer.

If it is a SIP transfer, is it really a blind transfer (some phones actually implement blind transfers using attended transfer mechanisms)?

thanks for the reply.From the queue the local channel will get executed . then I dial the device SIP/2001 . Then the phone is ringing on the 2001 device . then Person “A” answered the call.then Person “A” transfer the call.Then I dial the device SIP/2002 . then the call will ring on Person “B” . The Person “B” answer the call . Then Person B disconnects the call.

I am using SIP blind transfer .

Is there any other log to capture the entire event . I tried cdr reports.but abandon queue calls are not showing in the cdr.
Could you suggest,is it correct to us queue.log file?.

Have you looked into CEL logging? By default I don’t think there is a MySQL module for this but there is a patch on the net which can allow CEL for MySQL

Although CEL is generally the solution to non-trivial logging of calls, CDRs should should hangups on the queue. You may need to enable logging of unanswered calls.

I already enabled unanswered=yes in cdr.conf . but there is no event for abandon calls in queue.please refer the url.

You’ve changed from the original subject.

CDRs for simple leave from queues worked in, so finding when it stopped working might help the debugging.

Bug fixing will tend to get prioritised based on whether a patchl or fault mechanism, is provided, and by the number of people seriously affected. The severity is supposed to reflect that latter, but most people classify by the effect on themselves and people rarely update it.

Having other people reporting me too’s would increase the effective priority.

There is a warning about an unexpected operation on a zombie in that bug report. Are you sure that you are actually showing a transfer case there, as CDRs will be suppressed for for the zombie channel left over from before the transfer.

Ok.Let us come to the subjective matter.“Person A” did a blind transfer to another queue. Then i am able to see the events in queue.log file. Is there any other way to track the events of “Person B” which is transfered ( SIP blind transfer ) by “Person A” . After blind transfer,how to get to know the termination of the call ?