Asterisk slightly strange on blind transfer

hi guys,

im noticing asterisk is being weird on blind transfer from one extension in queue A to another extension in queue B (so if person a in queue a blindxfer to person b in queue b) then the cdr entry in mysql will be queue a(recording disabled), but the recording is queue b (recording enabled).

why is the cdr entry not queue b?

thank you

What do you mean by “extension in queue X”? What technology (SIP, etc.) are you using? How are you performing the transfer (e.g. features.conf or native SIP)?

CDRs don’t cope with complex cases well. For that you will need call event logging, which, I believe, is present in Asterisk 1.8.

thanks for the reply, it’s curently using SIP to transfer from cisco 7961 phones, I’m not confident in the answer above… the thing is the file name on the disk is being stored correctly (qXXX-), XXX in the file is the correct queue name, however the CDR is being stored incorrectly.

Please explain this:

I suspect you are using a GUI but have failed to tell us that.

correct, but “failed” is such a condescending term, I didn’t “fail” to tell you , would you like to know the operating system I’m using and If I’m using ECC ram or more information on the Layer 5 Session protocol I’m using?

Basically what I’m asking is why CDR queue info stored could be adjusted to store the latest queue the call is transferred to, as the destination.

In the meantime I’m just looking into using forkCDR and lastdata column in mysql as a temp solution.

The reason I asked about GUIs is that there is no such thing as a queue file in Asterisk, so I assumed that it was something created or used by the GUI.

Many GUIs, like AsteriskNow, have their own forums. Even if not, it is likely one is dealing with GUI specific dialplan code, so only people familiar with that GUI can really help, or, as a last resort, you would need to provide all the relevant dialplan code here.