No outbound calls with new install

Good Day,
That is my first post in the community.
I am testing the new phone software in testing environment for now. I have downloaded, installed and configured FreePBX distro the latest version from the site. (was directed from Digium site as I am using one off their analogue cards 8ports)
everything went well, until I start the actual call testing… I have 2 extensions and 2 analogue lines. I can make a call from one extension to the other, I can make an inbound call from either analogue line. But no outbound calls were successful. I have configured a ring group as well. when I a attempt to call out, from phone1 it rings phone2. when I call from phone2 out it goes no were.
noticed an error on the CLI: WARNING[31649]: res_pjsip_outbound_authenticator_digest.c:178 digest_create_request_with_auth_from_old: Endpoint: ‘1062’: Unable to create request with auth. No auth credentials for realm(s) ‘’ in challenge.
Any help is much appreciated to have this one to work. if you need any more info from me please let me know and I will be gladly provided.

Thank you


You are writing in FreePBX speak. However, the message you are getting suggests that the peer is requesting proxy authentication. For how you configure that in FreePBX, you probably need to ask on

I don’t understand why your FreePBX, SIP, extension is requesting authorisation. That is very unusual for SIP phones.


I am not sure why it is asking for Autho. the inbound works find… But calling out is the issue.,


Hi again,

Start from the beginning.
I have an 8 port analogue card. I have analogue lines. Been using Asterisk/PBX in flash for years. no more support for it.
I want to move forward and use the same lines with the card on new system with new install. I have installed FreePBX from the site in testing environment that I have set up for that reason.
On the site, all they talk about is the paid software and registration. I just want something that I can make it work first before spending any $$ so at least I can presented to my manager before going any further. If that works we may be looking for 5 more systems the same.
if I am using the analogue lines with the Digium card. what to do with the configuration for the extensions, trunks and channels. the phone are Cisco IP phone SP. they need the secrets in order to register with the server.

Please and thank you

I checked site. Although the first screenful is advertising, the peer support forum is still there, further down the page.

If you want support on this forum, you need to configure the configuration files by hand, and you really need to have done enough background reading to make a first attempt at that, as the forum is not going to give you a canned solution, but rather show you what you have done wrong in specific places.