No Outbound and Inbound calls

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to setup a simple trunk between the outside world and our PBX, any idea what am doing wrong?

i have set up a service provider, i have set up an incoming rule that all unmatched calls go extension 1010

i have also set up an outgoing rule that any number begining with 79 with 4 or more numbers goes through the trunk in the service providers

when i try to call i get an extension not found error, incoming it just goes onto busy tone. if i turn off the server, it waits 40 seconds then goes onto busy.

any idea on how to solve this issue? internally i can place calls, externally i cant.

i have tried to read other threads but i cant find a solution to my situation


Try talking with your service provider about that problem.

Additionally please post here the output from your CLI, so we can help you in any way we can :smile:


see post below, posted this by mistake

to avoid screenshots, is there a file it writes to that i can copy and paste from?