No connect with server asterisk

I’m using asterisk 13, FreePBX 12 I am having a problem connecting ssh and web interfaces occasionally lose connectivity. After 2 days to be so, then I can not connect dc. Meanwhile I have port 5060 open. thank you

That’s a network problem.

Note that Asterisk doesn’t have a web interface and FreePBX is not supported here.

by default FreePBX gui is accessible through the TCP port 80, and ssh TCP 22. It seems you have a firewall issue or maybe the services are not running you will need to use the netstat command to diagnose it. Opening the 5060 UDP port will just make the Asterisk signaling port accessible, you need also open the rtp ports to avoid audio issue, usally port range 10,000-20,000 , check your /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf file.

Please dont ask me any setting about your FreePBX gui use the FreePBX forum