Extensions not connect, maybe problem with port 5060?

i installed asterisk and freebpx on a new cloud server.
I just have another cloud server with asterisk, so i copy all configuration from this and paste on the new.

The problem is the extentions not connect to the new server
Maybe port 5060 is closed?

How i can open it? Or maybe i have to make other?
Thank you

Before you request any help on the Asterisk’s community or any other internet forum. there are a few things you need to take under consideration.

We cannot assume or guess what your problem is. it is necessary that you provide us with relevant information about your system, in order that we can help you diagnose what your issue is.

CLI> core set verbose 5
CLI> sip set debug on

enable Asterisk full debugging:

nano /etc/asterisk/logger.conf

uncomment this line:
full => notice, warning, error, debug, verbose, dtmf, fax

and all Asterisk debugging information will be logged to /var/log/asterisk/full.

maybe i have almost finished.
I open port 5060 and now extensions connect to the server but if i make a call the phones ring but i not hear nothing.
How i can solve this problem?

My previous post, where I included some commands are just to teach you, how to enable the debug and logging on Asterisk. Is not a solution to your problem. As I said nobody can help you if you don’t post any relevant information about your configuration. NAT configuration on FreePBX is done through the GUI, that product is not supported on this forum.

ok thank you :frowning: i try in freepbx forum