Can not connect to Asterisk from browser

I have installed AsteriskNow version 13 in a machine,but I have installed it again.Th ip address remained the same.I can access using ssh username@ipaddress,(after removing a row in …ssh/known_hosts),but now when I go to the browser trying to connect to freePBX using ip address it says that CAN NOT CONNECT TO ASTERISK?


Okay when I make a call it gives the error:
[2018-10-29 13:25:18] ERROR[6387][C-00000014]: pbx.c:4360 ast_func_read: Function PJSIP_HEADER not registered

[2018-10-29 13:25:18] ERROR[638]
I have added extensions in freePBX but it gives this message?

As you are using FreePBX and having problems there, I would suggest using that Discourse instead for assistance[1].