No audio with zaptel loaded

I’m currently trying to install Asterisk on a new server and am running into an issue I have not faced before. I’m running on a Dell Poweredge 2950 server running Redhat Enterprise Server 5 (kernel 2.6.18). I have two Digium cards installed; a TE412P and a TC400B. I compiled Asterisk 1.4.19, zaptel 1.4.10, and libpri 1.4.3 from source with no errors.

Calling between phones works perfectly. Calling into voicemail (or any voice prompt on the system) says it’s playing the audio, but no audio comes out of the phone. I first removed the TC400B card (I haven’t worked with one before), but the problem was still there. I re-installed it and kept playing. I found that if I shut down zaptel (/etc/init.d/zaptel stop) all of my audio starts working. Re-starting zaptel stops the audio, again. If I stop zaptel and only load ztdummy, my audio still works (no idea if that helps diagnose the problem or not).

Has anyone else run into this issue before? Ideas?


The problem is that you have a zaptel card but its not configured or configured correctly.

You will see from lsmod the drivers are loaded, But there is an issue with how you have configured zapata.conf

Basicly configure your cards and all will be good to go


Thanks so much for the prompt reply!

I had assumed (incorrectly) that I could install the card and leave it unconfigured in the software until I was ready to actually connect T1’s to it and put it to use. Once I did a very basic setup to zaptel.conf and zapata.conf, all my audio now works properly!