No Audio on Playback, SayDigits, SayNumber

Hi there,

There is a strange issue. I just compiled and installed asterisk 1.4 from the tarball. I have centos 6.4

I have also setup freepbx 2.9 on my box. I am on a Public IP and there is no nat.

Here is the issue,

I am unable to play any sound internally. I call the playback (hello-world), SayDigits(12345), try using a short code *65 to say the extension name. I see no errors on the console.

There is no audio at all.

Also, there is no issue when I try making outbound calls externally. I have no voice issues when calling externally.

What could be wrong ?

Do you also need to have zaptel installed ?

It is not a permission issue or a NAT issue. I think it could be the way I have setup or installed asterisk.

What else I need to check for audio?

zaptel is obsolete.

Modern versions of Asterisk can provide internal timing without using dahdi.

You either need to set up a configuration that contains no FreePBX stuff, or you need to take this to the forums on FreePBX “owns” several of the files that might need to be configured.