[resolved] No sound for commands that play files


I have installed a new Asterisk machine on FC5, with asterisk-1.2.13.
The problem I have is that I can not hear sounds from applications that play files! Phone to phone sound is fine.
The problem exists both for IAX and SIP phones.
(So I think it is not a NAT issue)

This is a simple machine with a single T1 card that is not used.
It is just plugged in for now, with the zap loaded.

I have done tcpdump to iax packets both on server and client and it looks
that after initial negotiation the server does not send the voice data
packets to the iax client, I have no idea why.

uname: 2.6.18-1.2239.fc5
Asterisk versions are:

Any ideas will be a ppreciated.


Finally found the problem.
For some reason when the server is starting it loads two zap drivers:
wcte11xp and wct1xxp
(Although wct1xxp is commented in sysconfig/zaptel)
The solution was simply to remove the wct1xxp module:
modprbe -r wct1xxp

My guess is that the applications that send sound files use the zap driver timing when handling the sound files. When the two drivers were loaded
the timing was incorrect and the sound were not handled correctly.

That was a tough problem.
I hope the info will help someone.

Yes if a driver is loaded for a piece of hardware but has no configuration, there will be no audio on playbacks, backgrounds, etc.