I am currently setting up Trixbox for myself and family, and thanks to this great forum I have it up and running but have a question regarding outbound dialing.

I have it setup up with a TD 400 card for 2 PSTN lines for incoming and outgoing local calls, and I have an account with a well known voip provider (to be used for long distance and international calls).

I will be using the provider for 1 or 2 incoming DID’s and all outgoing international calls.

Currently I have it setup so family using their softphones diap prefix 9 to use local outgoing call through pstn (TD400), and prefix 00 to use international via sip provider.

So 9+number will dial local via pstn
and 00+international number will dial via sip provider.

Does this seem a reasonable way of doing things or does anyone have any suggestions maybe if there is a better way of achieving my goal.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great forum.


to get greater acceptance, it’s often easier to dispense with the “Dial 9 plus the number” thing … especially in smaller installs. and especially as there’s no need. with the Dial Pattern (?? … haven’t used FreePBX in a while) settings for either a route or a trunk (same caveat !) you can specify the route taken for particular number patterns.