Different Trunks


I have a question that i think will be really stupid for the most of you, but since i am newbie to trixbox please excuse me!

The scenario goes like that, i have 2 trunks (PSTN, SIP) and 2 extensions (100,200), so i want to route all incoming calls from PSTN trunk to extension 100 or to ring group1 and all SIP calls to extension 200 or to ring group2. Also i need to route ALL outgoing calls from a extension 100 to the PSTN trunk and ALL outgoing calls from extension 200 to SIP trunk. Is that possible and if yes, how?

Sorry if i am asking too much but i am trying to solve this scenario for long time!

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Ring groups are not a primitive concept in Asterisk, but you can use queues or multiple Dial commands to achieve a similar effect.

The rest of this is just a case of using four different contexts, one per line and one per extension. Use wild card matches for the dialled digits, or, for your trunks, “s” if an incoming trunk isn’t DID.

Didn’t I see a similar question today?

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Can you give me some more information/examples on how i will “pair” external lines (trunks) with specific exten. for in and out bound calls!

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ps: i did post the same question again because, no one had answer on this post so i thought that something went wrong!

Asterisk: The Future of Telphony, page 114.