Newbie setup question for voicemail recording with AN


i’m a complete newbie to the asterisk[+ asterisknow] world here. i’m coming from a webcasting background so i have tech knowledge but am not a developer, nor have i had any contact with linux.

i want to setup an open voice messaging system that records messages from a range of different callers [cellphone, satphone, landline] for an audio comments system alla ‘jott’ or ‘evoca’ for integration into the custom CMS that my museum uses.

it looks like it is possible with the ‘monitor’ function. [?]

if can get a server and set it up with a linux OS [which one?], and install asterisknow will it be possible for me setup voicemail recording using the GUI? or is this something more complex.

we have good bandwidth, other than that is there a minimum CPU spec for the box that i install AN on?

i will also eventually need to FTP the recorded media onto our media server somehow.

if can find somebody to set me up with a 1800 number for people to call into am i ready to go?

is there something else i’m missing?

many thanks in advance…

The mixmonitor command I think would do a better job. Also from what it seems you want people to just leave messages. If that is the case why don’t you just go with a hosted PBX solution ?

Also the flavor of Linux that you use is a matter of preference. I personally am in love with CentOS (

thanks dovid…
if i went with hos
ted PBX would i have MP3 or WAV records of the voice messages on a computer?

once i get th3e messages i want to have them purposed as media records on a website …

It depends on what service you go with. Some may offer it. I personally think that would be the easier solution. If you want you can put up an asterisk box use the mix monitor command and then push the files over to a different server via scp.