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I need a system that will record my phone conversations and thats pretty much it. I know this application is far more powerful than just recording phone calls but it is the only one that I have found that can do the trick.

What I am wondering is that if I wanted to use this app or Asterisk@Home to record phone coversations on my home phone how would I do it? I use Packet8 as my land line provider.

Thanks in Advance!

wow … overkill or what :smiley:

if using A@H just set your extension for RECORDING-ALWAYS (or something like that !)

if using Asterisk by itself, then craft your dialplan to include a MixMonitor for each call. there are plenty of examples around.

You can use the Monitor application.


exten => _X.,1,Set(NAME=${CALLERIDNUM}-${TIMESTAMP})
exten => _X.,2,Monitor(wav|${NAME}|m)
exten => _X.,3,Dial(Sip/100)

This will name all the wav files with the callerid and timestamp. This will record incoming calls from your provider to your phone.

OK, So lets say I want to be able to take advantage of the full abilities of Asterisk. Is there a good tutorial anywhere for setting it up with your exsisting phone provider? How many X100P’s do I need to purchase for a house with three phones?

The O’reilly book I believe explains connecting Asterisk to the PSTN. X100P’s are only for connecting to your POTS line and not to phones. You can use a TDM31B which will allow you to connect your 3 phones and connect one POTS line(phone line).

IF I am just setting Asterisk up to monitor will a regular voice modem suffice for listening to the line?

Does anyone happen to know?