Call a Recording and Sav to Audio File: Is Asterix Overkill


I have a a small linux server running, and I would like to have it periodically call a recording
(POTS number) using VoIP and save the audio to a file. No calls would
be received by the server, no soundcard or microphone would be on the
server - it would use VoIP for just this one, simple task, initiated by
a script on my server. I gather that
Asterix could do this, via the Monitor function and a pre-pay account
for connecting to POTS numbers. Would Asterix be overkill for this
application? I think what I really need is some kind of simple VoIP
client rather than a server. I’d like to use something that doesn’t
take too much memory or file space (for the application files) since
the server has limited resources.
Thanks for any info you can offer.

Ken Howells
Crestline Soaring Society

You might have a look at which has a built-in recording facility. Does this need to be server based?

Thanks for the reply. That looks like a gui-based program, so probably isn’t the right thing.

The computer this would run on is an unattended linux box with no keyboard or display. Our hang gliding club has a weather station hooked up to it, and the weather info is posted to the web 24x7.
We also have a separate machine in a separate location that you can call over regular phone lines and get a computer-generated wind/weather report. I want to have the linux box periodically phone the automated audio report, save the audio to a file, and upload the audio file to our club’s website. I can handle all of the other details if I can get a VoIP client running on the unattended linux box.

Then it sounds like Asterisk is for you and should work fine.

Do it on asterisk, its the easiest way…