Asterisk as a podcasting tool?

Hi there,

My name is Andy Carvin, and I’m director of a project called the Digital Divide Network ( I’ve been trying to find an open source voicemail tool that would allow a person to call a telephone number, leave a voicemail, and have it posted to their blog as an MP3 file. (I’ve been calling this idea “mobcasting” for lack of a better way to describe it.) I’m very interested in the use of mobile phones as a way to post podcasts, and have been experimenting with tools that do this, like and Unfortunately, both of these tools require you to call a long distance number for it to work. So I’ve started exploring open source pbx tools that can be installed on a local server anywhere in the world, so people can post voicemail podcasts with a local telephone number.

So my question to you is this: is Asterisk a potential tool for doing this? Has anyone developed a plug-in of some kind for asterisk that would allow a person to record voicemails and have them ftped and posted to a blog?

Even if the answer is no, I’d love to meet up with programmers who might want to take a crack at making this work. Unfortunately I’m not a programmer, so a lot of the technical details are over my head, which is why I need to find some people who know what they’re talking about. :smile:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.



Yes. It should be fairly trivial.

There’s no need for a plug-in. It should be a relatively simple matter of configuring the asterisk dialplan properly and writing a simple script to transfer the file through the internet - although that could probably be done within asterisk too. I wouldn’t use ftp, though - it’s obsolete for uses such as this. scp would be much easier to use and more appropriate for a job like this.

Sounds do able Asterisk can already send voicemail to an email account in a wav file

You want something like this: … +tips+wiki