Newbie needs help

6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD with Asterisk

I have a softphone configured on a WinXP machine and a Grandstream BT-200 IP phone that just arrived yesterday. I followed the docs as close as I could to get a simple setup working. So far I can,

Call each phone from the other.

Call the extension [demo] 500 and go through the process which connects with, but the IP phone will not allow me to select other extensions once I’m in here. The XLite softphone has not problem with this and I can select other choices in the [demo] IVR menu.

Call extension 600 and do an echo test from either phone.

What I cannot do is call anything on the FWDNET setup that I did. The * server shows that it has registered either when I use sip or iax2. But when I attempt to make calls nothing goes.

I reconfigured the IP Phone to by-pass the * server and go straight through to the FWDNET server and this almost works. It appears I get some kind of connection but can’t hear anything.

I’ve played around with the IPFW rules and finally settled on a set that lets me reach outside servers with the phones and get ntp taken care of for the IP phone’s clock.

I think I’m still in the dark here and I’ve read the docs until I’m blurry eyed each night. The docs really leave alot to be desired and often explain to much on how to setup everything rather than how to setup one simple thing.

Any advice would be appreciated.