Fresh Install - Extension setup/Internal calls

Hi All,

I really did try looking through all the topics and manuals and I appologize in Advance for being a frustrated newbie.

I downloaded AsteriskVow ver. 1.0.2, installed it.
It’s connected to my network and gets an IP address as well as the 2 BT200 Phones that are plugged into the network.

I just want to make a call from one extension to other for now…Can I?
So far I can not, I have no service carrier… I do get a dial tone though.
I setup 2 users but I do not see where the Phones are recognized or defined…I’m in bad shape, any advice would be great.


If you have setup two extensions have you logged onto the phones and set those up so that they register with the Asterisk server? If you go into Asterisk see if the phones are registered:

asterisk -rvvv
asterisk*IPPBX> sip show peers

You should see an IP address for each phone. Also if you set the phones to qualify=yes then you should see a response time in milliseconds.

The phones are GS BT200, went to each like you said and registered them. Thank-you very much, I can call from ext to ext.