Newbie. Need help

Hello community.

I’m starting an IT business and many of my clients are asking if I can provide them with an IP telephone system. I really would like to get into this business but I dont know where to start. If someone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

One of my clients has already a phone line with his comcast service. However he wants to have 8 extensions in his office and be able to call between extensions and make/receive phone calls with his comcast phone line. What type of device do I need to make this happen?

Again if anyone can offer me any advice and or point me in the right direction. I would be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance

Carlos Sosa

I’d recommend an FXS interface to connect to his Comcast service and either an 8 port FXO adapter to service his existing analog phones or 8 SIP phones to replace his existing 8 phones.

On premises/Hosted/Cloud PBX really depends on the bandwidth available to the customer, If they don’t have a lot of bandwidth you’ll want to have a PBX on-premises so that the endpoint to endpoint calls don’t have to transverse the internet to be handled.

I would start by operating such a system in house for maybe a year.

Hi John

Thanks for the reply and recommendations. I was looking at this FXS interfaces (Cisco SPA122 2 Port FXS Analog Gateway) AND (Grandstream HT814 4 port FXS Gateway with Gigabit NAT Router) I was wondering if they would work for what I’m trying to setup. Do you have any recommendations?

Again thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.



I’m afraid I don’t have experience with either of those adapters.

It is recommended use Didigum cards to interact with PSTN line, but in case you want to use an external Gateway I have a few of this gateway working perfectly on my office

Grandstream GXW4104 4 port FXO gateway , there are 4 ports and 8 ports