New User - Stupid Question

I have it somewhat comfigured in that my software phone at home can talk to the Asterisk server at the data center. So far so good.

But - now I want to talk to a real telephone. What do I have to do to say call my cell phone? When I want to talk to the real world, what does the server connect to? Or is that a service I need to buy?

And - if I want to have 10 or so DID numbers, where do I buy them from? Need to interface to the real world.

Welcome to the unlimited world of Asterisk. :smile:

To speak with the outside world, via Asterisk, you’ll need a termination provider to connect your calls. You can actually do this now, as some services (such as Free World Dialup) allow termination to toll-free numbers and certain countries.

After locating these, you’ll need to add these services to your dialplan for access. Also, many of these services provide sample documentation for configuring their service with your Asterisk box.

Spend some time snooping around at the ultimate VoIP resource –

Good luck, and have fun!

You can get interfaces that go in your computer. One port on the interface will enable you to plug a phone into it so you can use a regular phone, the other port will plug into a telephone line. Well, there are many configs but this is one. Anyway, you will then dial out of your computer, through your local telephone company, and to the world. Of course, this doesn’t give you much of an advantage over just plugging your phone directly into the wall.

By the way, I am pretty new at this too. I am pretty sure this information is correct but there may be others out there that can give you a whole lot more info and put me in my place.