How to call out to a real mobile?

I have implemented asterisk 1.8 on a Centos server. After reading the manual, i can call to the number which is configured in the asterisk system. Now i want to call to a mobile device number, what the sufficiencies to make that work ( hardware? network configuration? info from mobile provider?) ?

Alltough You didn’t tell us a lot about Your system: When trying to make a call to a landline or mobile-phone in the world around asterisk You usually would need at least one connection to the world outsidee either by an ITSP (e.g. a SIP-Account somewhere) or by any type of Landline (Analog, PRI, BRI, T1, E1) or by a GSM-Gateway. Once You have an interconnection to the world outside configured You may just dial any number in the real world by a simple

Our server now just only has Asterisk. To connect to the outside world like you said what do i need? Do i need some specific hardwares?

Outside connections can be made with various different forms of hardware. All options that allow access to the PSTN or cellular networks require payment to a third party service provider (ITSP, PSTN or cellular operator).

See … eConn.html for more details, but note that they don’t mention all the possibilities.